CHARM THE RIOT are the talented musicians I perform with when I do shows with a live band. Whether it’s studio work, music production or a stage gig, each individual brings a burst of energy and technical prowess to whatever they’re involved in. Reach out to any of us for your next project.

Jeromy (Jay) Smirnoff

Jeromy (Jay) Smirnoff has been a Sacramento bassist for 18 yrs. He’s played in a multitude of bands including rock, rap, punk, reggae, and blues. Growing up, he split time between Michigan school years and SoCal summers. The year he turned 13, he spent a good portion of the summer mowing lawns to buy a guitar from his friend; the first steps towards becoming the bassist he is today. He’s opened for Alien Ant Farm and Devin the Dude, has done session work for Tyrese, Long Beach Rehab, and Devon Evans (of the original Wailers). While playing some of the best festivals across America, he’s shared the stage with Kottonmouth Kings, The Itals and several other notable artists. Check him out at
Rob McCord
British born guitarist Rob McCord, a veteran of the California and Virginia music scenes for over 25 years, brings a diverse element of R&B, Funk, & Rock influences to his many musical projects. An energetic and passionate performer, Rob is noted for his melodic feel and ability to adapt to many different musical environments. Check him out at or contact him at